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Trends in Balloons for event decoration

The use of balloons never goes out of style in the decoration of events, whether children or adults, more when there is more variety of designs to choose, with very original finishes, and full of color.

Next we share a list of 9 types of balloons that are trend in parties, so you have them present if you are about to celebrate a special occasion.

1. Giant foil balloons. Perfect to decorate a birthday table, and so indicate the years that the party celebrates, a company, or the year that comes in the case of a party in the old night.

2. Giant letters balloons. Also made of foil, they are ideal for decorating large spaces in parties, and as complements in photographic sessions preboda, weddings and photocalls.

3. Transparent latex balloons. Perfect for decorating parties such as birthdays, baptisms and communions.

4. Balloons with printed messages. Suitable for wedding decoration, and also to place in key corners during preboda photographic sessions.

5. XL balloons decorated with tassels of tissue paper or "tassels garlands". Ideal to place in the welcome place to the party, or decorating a photocall.

6. XL balloons decorated with fabrics and labels. Very similar to the previous ones, with the difference that instead of tassels of tissue paper, they are placed ribbons, pieces of fabrics and customized labels with messages according to the event. They are perfect to put in the entrance of the celebration, and thus welcome the guests; as well as at the dessert table and candy bar. They are great at weddings, pre-wedding photo sessions, and first communion parties.

7. Balloons filled with confetti. They are transparent clear balloons of latex with confetti of colored silk paper inside; perfect for fun celebrations, birthdays, fifteen years, children.

8. Mini foil balloons. With number forms and letters are ideal for decorating whatever you want, from a photocall, a cake, or even to use as a site mark on the tables of the party.

9. Balloons with pegantines. They are smooth latex balloons, available in different colors, decorated with stickers of glitter letters or other material, which give a touch of unparalleled glamor to the party.

What do you think of these proposals? Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to organize an event in our facilities!